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Consider taking a prayer retreat. We have a wonderful retreat center on 65 acres of woods and meadows in rural west-central Indiana.

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The best method a believer can learn to pray--praying God's Word back to Him. Check out these new resources that will help you.

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Welcome to Harvest Prayer Ministries

Harvest Prayer Ministries exists to equip the local church to become a House of Prayer for all nations, releasing God’s power for revival and finishing the task of world evangelization. We work to transform lives by teaching prayer. We hope our website will encourage and help you to go deeper into your connection with Jesus Christ through prayer.

We do this through consulting, teaching, developing resources, discipling, networking, and partnering. As you explore our site, you will see the many ways Harvest seeks to encourage churches and believers to deepen their connection with Jesus Christ through prayer. Hopefully you will come to trust us as a solid, biblically based ministry that can provide you with encouragement and the tools to pray more effectively.

Powerful Multi-Church Prayer Weekend

dave-kim.jpgImagine nine different denominations coming together to spend a weekend learning more of prayer and seeking God for revival! The picture is vivid in my mind of many small groups, scattered about the sanctuary of a Baptist Church in Fort Jackson, Texas, praying for a great move of God to come in their community.

Kim and I (Dave Butts) had the opportunity early this month to help lead just such a gathering. Prayer leaders have been meeting together for some time, praying for one another and for the Church to experience more of God. That praying foundation led to a wonderful weekend that broke down not just congregational barriers, but individual ones as well.

We worshipped, we prayed, we learned, and we made commitments toward the future. Harvest Prayer Ministries certainly is unable to bring about revival. But as we come into a church or area where a good prayer foundation has been laid, we are able to use our teaching and resources to pour fuel onto the assembled dry tinder and watch as God lights a fire that burns brightly.

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Featured Resources

Pray the Word

pray the word 90 dayssmall.jpgWe are excited by a new line of resources we are developing that focus on praying Scripture. They are designed both to show you how to pray God's Word and to stimulate your prayer life to connect in a much deeper way to Jesus Christ as the prayers help you surrender to His purposes. Just released are:

Pray the Word: 90 Prayers That Touch the Heart of God

Pray the Word: 31 Prayers That Touch the Heart of God

Free Pray the Word Apps for both Apple and Droid phones and tablets. Simply search for them at your App store.

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Be the Answer

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

“For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead” (James 2:26 NASB). Years ago I met a young woman in a Bible study whose family was struggling financially. Her husband was in prison and she had four young sons at home. They were crammed into a very small little house, but were very content and happy....More»»

Prayer, Facebook, and Droids

Monday, February 10, 2014

Recently I was sitting at a gate in an airport waiting for my flight. There were easily 40–45 people in the waiting area. As I looked around (actually, as I looked up from my phone), I began to chuckle....More»»

What Can the Righteous Do?

Saturday, February 08, 2014

As our nation continues its moral spiral downward, a scripture that is increasingly referred to is Psalm 11:3: "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?"...More»»

Return to the Upper Room

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Following Jesus’ ascension into heaven, the apostles obediently returned to their place of prayer in the upper room. They were joined by other men and women who had agreed they were “in this for good, completely together in prayer” (Acts 1:14 MSG)....More»»

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