Who Is Harvest Prayer Ministries?

First and foremost, Harvest Prayer Ministries is teaching. Besides the more than 800 articles and teaching helps on our websites, HPM does weekend seminars, local church prayer conferences, Church Prayer Leaders Network national and regional conferences, and Learning to Love to Pray seminars. In all of these places and events, the staff of HPM is teaching about prayer, helping churches, families, and individuals do a better job of talking to and listening to the Father.

Second, HPM is resources. Our desire is to place effective resource tools in the hands of individuals and churches. PrayerShop Publishing develops and produces books, booklets, prayer guides and teaching DVDs and CDs. Our Prayer Resource Store makes available the best of prayer resources. Currently more than 200 prayer resources are available in our store. We also produce the bestselling 40 Days of Prayer materials, a devotional series teaching about prayer.

Third, HPM is networking and partnering. The Church Prayer Leaders Network (CPLN) helps connect local church prayer leaders with each other, with incredible teachers, and with great resources. Our cooperation and partnership with America's National Prayer Committee, the National Day of Prayer, the Global Day of PrayerOneCry, and the International Prayer Council forms bonds with Christians worldwide. 

Our History

Harvest Prayer Ministries was founded in 1993 by David and Kim Butts. A longtime pastor, Dave and his wife, Kim, felt the call into full-time prayer ministry, particularly focused on teaching churches and individuals to pray more effectively for missions. What they soon found was that people and churches needed more basic teaching than just praying for missions, so the teaching ministry of Harvest was launched.

In 1995, Harvest purchased 65 acres in rural Indiana and launched the Harvest Prayer Retreat Center. Each year until the end of 2016 when the center closed, hundreds of individuals experience spiritual refreshing and a deeper connection with Jesus Christ as they spent concentrated time with Him in prayer at this facility.

It was prophetic that HPM chose to call itself Harvest Prayer Ministries, rather than Ministry. Starting in 2000, the infusion of multiple ministries under the Harvest mantle began . . . and the expansion of its own ministries.

Today, HPM gives oversight to the Church Prayer Leaders Network, Prayer Connect magazine, and PrayerShop Publishing. Over the years it had significant influence and partnerships with a number of other ministries, including Houses of Prayer Everywhere, Parakletus, Greater Calling and the Strategic Prayer Initiative.

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