H.O.P.E. - Houses of Prayer Everywhere

Our Mission/Purpose Statement

We exist to help churches saturate their communities and cities with Lighthouses of Prayer that will pray for, care about, and share the blessings of Christ with people who live or work near them.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to equip, resource, and support individuals, churches, city-reaching coalitions, and denominations that are committed to prayer evangelism.

HOPE'S Alliances

We partner with other nationally focused, prayer-evangelism organizations to achieve the overarching goal of a Light-House on every street and an intercessor for every person in our nation.

What is a lighthouse of prayer?

A Lighthouse of Prayer is a cluster of two or more believers who are banded together to pray for, care about, and share the blessings of Christ with their neighbors.

How to Start Your Lighthouse

If you are excited by the potential of this ministry, you may be asking questions like "Where do we go from here?" "What’s the next step?" "How do we get started?"

First I suggest that you purchase copies of Shine His Light: A simple Way to Pray, Care and Share Jesus in Your Neighborhood for everyone in your congregation who might potentially be involved in this initiative. This booklet will introduce you to praying the Five Blessings. Second I suggest that you download and print out the How to Start and Sustain a Lighthouse pamphlet.

Do the five week challenge and then add more neighbors and continue for another five weeks. During the second five week period order the devotional Be Jesus in Your Neighborhood: Developing a Prayer, Care, Share Lifestyle in 30 Days and use it daily. Be sure to do all of the exercises and start prayerwalking.

Then find other Lighthouses in your neighborhood and join with them in a multiple-household prayer-cell. Plan activities with them to increase the caring and sharing.

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