Love to Pray and 40 Days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer leads people into a deeper prayer life through the Love to Pray devotionals and study materials that are designed specifically to teach them how to pray, what to pray and why to pray. This website provides all the resources needed to effectively use the Love to Pray books, study guides and DVD to participate in a 40 Days Of Prayer experience.  Individuals, families, prayer cells, small groups and churches can all use these materials and tailor them to their specific needs.

The 40 Days of Prayer Campaign is based upon the Love to Pray book, a companion study guide and lessons provided on DVD. In addition, guidelines and suggested sermon topics are also provided. To view the sample materials in pdf format simply click on the links below. Then in your browser menu bar choose file>save as to store the file on your computer.

To get one copy of all the materials, you can order a Resource Kit from the Prayer Shop. Included in each kit you will find one copy of each of the following:

  • Love to Pray Book- a devotional book that is the basis for the 40 days of prayer
  • Love to Pray with Study Guide- a version that include the Love to Pray content and a study guide for small groups or classes who want to read Love to Pray together
  • Love to Pray DVD-Nationally known prayer leaders including Henry Blackaby, Paul Cedar, and Fern Nichols make presentations for each session of the Love to Pray study guide.
  • 40 Days of Prayer Guidelines- Step-by-step suggestions for planning and implementing 40 Days of Prayer. Complete 96-page Guideline Book comes in the 40 Days of Prayer Resource Kit and separately.

I Love to Pray, a children's version of Love to Pray, is also available.

Resources available from 800.217.5200


Hold a Learning to Love to Pray Seminar


The Learning to Love to Pray seminar is a prayer-training event that deepens and recharges people’s prayer lives and helps churches become “houses of prayer.” 

The seminar and the book, Love to Pray, A 40-Day Devotional For Deepening Your Prayer Life, complement each other.  Much of the content is the same. Those who have used the devotional book find their prayer lives further deepened by attending the seminar. And those who attend the seminar find that the book reinforces and expands on what they have gained at the seminar.

The seminar will encourage and equip:

  • believers who want to learn to love to pray
  • pastors who want to ignite prayer in the local church.
  • intercessors who want to develop their prayer ministry abilities.

The Seminar in Brief:

  • Time - Six hours of prayer training are provided on a Saturday or on a Friday evening and Saturday.
  • Location - A conveniently located local church usually hosts the seminar.
  • Promotion - The host church promotes the seminar to its own members and to other churches in the area.
  • Size - The host church plans and promotes for 100 or more attendees. (This is a goal, not a required number.)
  • Cost - Participants pay a modest registration fee. The host church covers the speaker’s travel cost and provides refreshments for breaks.
  • Leaders - A number of qualified seminar leaders are available to lead Learning to Love to Pray seminars for local churches or multichurch groups.
Please direct questions about the seminar to
or Harvest Prayer Ministries - 1-800-217-5200


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