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Most believers realize that our nation is clearly in trouble. We have left our spiritual moorings to possibly catastrophic circumstances. Is there hope?

YES!! Second Chronicles 7:14 clearly puts the solution on our action: humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, seek God's face and pray. He will heal our land! Many Christian leaders believe if we would in unity humble ourselves and pray, we would see revival in the church and another spiritual awakening in our land.

This page provides information, resources and links to other like-minded ministries that can help you and your congregation learn to pray more effectively and passionately in these days. We encourage you to bookmark this page as we will regularly be adding resources as we find them.

Dave Butts Shares Why We Should Pray for America

Pray 100 Prayer Effort

A major effort to rally pray for our new president is underway, sponsored by dozens of prayer ministries. There are currently three place you can go to sign up for different aspects of this prayer initiative.

For a prayer to help you focus each day, go to a facebook page: If you click like or follow at this site to have the prayer posted to you. We recommend liking or sharing the prayers when the first ones come so facebook will know that you are serious about wanting to see these posts.

Most of the prayers here will be posted by Dr. David Butts, the chairman of America's National Prayer Committee and the author of With One Cry: A Renewed Challenge to Pray for America

If you would like a devotional each day to help you better focus, go to If you sign up, these devotionals, each written by a different leader, will be emailed to you each day.


Pray for America's Leaders is another place to receive fuel so you can pray each day with knowledge. This site, sponsored by Intercessors for America has information on leaders at different levels of government, and provides insights into how to pray for each are of government.



"Living the Lifestyle of Jesus in a Politically Charged Season" by Dave Butts

"Is There Hope for America?" by Dave Butts



40 Day Prayer Initiative

40daysofPrayersmall.jpgDesperate for Change is a 40-day, non-partisan, devotional prayer guide that will get you and your congregation focused on seeking God's purposes for our nation. It is available through Christian bookstores, CBD, or our webstore (multiple copy discounts are available through out store).





Other Resources

Can America Be Saved?

PC-cover-premiere.jpgThat question is answered in the premier issue of Prayer Connect magazine, released in July 2011. We encourage you to download the free pdf of this issue. You will be highly motivated to pray with more passion for our nation. After reading this important issue, we encourage you to subscribe to this bi-monthly resource that can keep you stimulated to pray.

U.S. Prayer Map

US PM w Folded Pages small copy (1).jpgEvery Home for Christ has developed, and offers free, a unique prayer map to help you pray for the United States. It has all sorts of information and suggestions on prayer points to keep you pin point your prayers for our nation. For information on getting the map, click here

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