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RMPC Logo (5).jpgRoadmap to a Praying Church

And He began to teach and say to them, ‘Is it not written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations?” But you have made it a robber’s den.”(Mark 11:17, Isaiah 56:7)

A roadmap is a guide to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Most churches know prayer is important, and they both want to disciple their people into meaningful prayer lives and they want to make prayer more important in the life of their church. But they simply do not know how to get from Point A to Point B.

Harvest Prayer Ministries and the Church Prayer Leaders Network want to come alongside your church to help you develop a roadmap that will guide your church to becoming a House of Prayer for all Nations!

Discover how making prayer your foundational strategy will develop disciples who impact the kingdom of God in significant ways. If you choose to let HPM/CPLN partner with you in your journey to become a House of Prayer, here is what it will look like:

Becoming a Praying Church

Harvest Prayer Ministries is uniquely equipped to come alongside your staff and leadership, as well as your congregation, to train and prepare you to become the one thing God has specifically named His Church to be: “a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7, Mark 11:17). Our decades of working with churches has given us knowledge and experience that can help your church.

THEOLOGY – understanding the “WHY” of prayer is essential to becoming a house of prayer for all nations. Based on Mark 11:11-17, there are valuable insights to be gleaned about what God has called His Church to be! There are multiple passages of Scripture that inform our greater understanding of how we think deeply about prayer. We will help your leadership team understand the theology or prayer, which should increase their desire to become a House of Prayer. 

PRAYERS OF DISCERNMENT – once a group of leaders grabs hold of the theology, and understands that God is calling their community of believers to become a house of prayer, it is necessary to get on the same page about what the kingdom result should look like. Through a season of praying for discernment, leaders will have a better grasp of how God wants to accomplish His purposes through your unique praying church.

DEVELOPING A ROADMAP – as God reveals His plans and purposes, there are steps of faith and obedience that need to take place. We will teach you how to implement God’s foundational prayer strategy into your church based upon what He reveals to your leadership during the discernment process.

THE JOURNEY – we recognize that becoming a House of Prayer for All Nations is a huge paradigm shift in what most leaders have been taught about developing kingdom disciples who impact their homes, churches, communities and beyond. Harvest Prayer Ministries is committed to partnering with your church to see prayer become a lifestyle. We will assist you through additional onsite training and/or with tools and resources to help you on your journey. We will also be available to set up additional touch points through webinars, email, Skype, FaceTime, phone/video conferencing, etc.

Creating a Culture of Prayer

Developing a praying culture within your church is not a short process or an easy one. We believe that trained leaders can then train other leaders and members of the congregation. It is our intent to train your leaders and then get out of the way. But, we will always be available as a resource along your journey. Each church’s culture will be different, and God has a unique plan for every church. However, there are a few basics we employ to help you develop a roadmap to becoming a praying church.

Here is what we offer:

1. Initial Training – takes place over a weekend (Friday-Sunday) or can be done during a retreat setting (Monday-Wednesday). Training will be uniquely crafted to fit each church’s needs because every community of believers is gifted differently and positioned to minister the kingdom of God in their own context. We offer three main areas to help your church to move toward becoming a praying church: Theology of Prayer, Prayers of Discernment for Leaders, and Steps to Develop Your Roadmap to a House of Prayer.

This is the starting point for you whether or not your leadership team is committed to participating fully in developing a Roadmap. These training sessions will help you to determine whether or not you are ready to begin the journey toward becoming a praying church. Generally when we come for a weekend we would also preach during your weekend services and, if time and schedule allows, we can do seminars for the entire congregation as well. Whether or not you choose to go further, this is a valuable weekend for leaders to go through. If you decide that you want to develop a Roadmap to become a praying church, here is what we can further offer you.

2. Follow-Up – we will provide ongoing access to HPM staff to answer questions, offer ideas and perspective, etc. and to help you continue with forward momentum, good balance, and a kingdom focus.

3. Resourcing – we will assist your journey with resources that include: ongoing training as needed, prayer initiatives for the congregation, books, prayer guides, short video resources, etc.

Financial Considerations

Expenses: We ask that all applicable expenses be covered for Harvest Prayer Ministries staff including air fare and/or mileage, hotel, rental car, meals, etc. This expense varies based on many factors, but one factor is which HPM staff you select to walk you through Roadmaps. Dave and Kim Butts usually work together with a church. That means the additional expenses of bringing two people in to your church. Jonathan Graf works solo when engaged with a church, so expenses are less.

Other fees are based on the scope of what a church desires us to do and which team or individual teacher/facilitator the church desires to walk them through the initial process. Those fees will be discussed as we get an understanding of how involved you want Harvest to be in the process. The amount and frequency of developing your Roadmap is determined by each church’s needs and is flexible in nature. We will determine some follow-up steps prior to our departure on our initial ministry visit to your church.

Flexibility: Some churches choose to invite one or two other area churches to participate in the beginning process, which allows them to share the initial expenses. After the first weekend it is up to each church to determine how they will proceed. We can make suggestions as to how this could work effectively for all involved. Just ask us for more information.

What Will Roadmap Do for Your Church?

  • You will see God move as you seek His presence to prevail in the life of your people, church, community, culture and the nations.
  • You will experience greater unity and strength in your staff and leadership.
  • Your people will grow in prayer and as a result, become more kingdom-minded, obeying Christ and joining Him in His kingdom activity.
  • Your church will become known as “a praying church” within your community as you fulfill God’s mandate to be a house of prayer for all nations; Isaiah 56:7 and Mark 11:17: "For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations."


For more information or to discuss setting up an initial weekend visit with your leaders, contact the individual teacher/facilitator. Click on their names below for biographical information about that facilitator.

Dave and Kim Butts: 812 208-1866,

Jonathan Graf: 812 238-5504,

DaveNew.jpg“For more than two decades, being in hundreds of churches, Harvest Prayer Ministries has had the privilege to come alongside and speak into individual, corporate and leadership prayer growth. We’ve learned much through this process and believe that the Lord has led us to a creative and effective approach to help local congregations take the steps necessary to become a praying church. It is exciting for us to launch Roadmap to a Praying Church as a tool forged over the years that brings the best of what we have learned and offer it to those who are ready for this transforming journey. We are continually trusting God to come alongside of this process in full partnership as we show churches some key steps toward fulfilling His mandate to become houses of prayer for all nations.

“As my friend, Greg Pruett, president of Pioneer Bible Translators, so often says, ‘Prayer is not just part of our strategy for reaching the nations. Prayer IS our strategy.’ If you want to see your congregation grow into fully equipped disciples, ready to impact your community and culture, God wants to show you how to become what He has already named you: a House of Prayer for all Nations! Harvest Prayer Ministries is available to partner with you in such a journey.”
-- David Butts

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