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Focused Weekends are complete weekend teaching packages. Click on a topic for more information. You will also learn which teachers present this topic.


    Learning to Love to Pray

    Building Prayer into the Local Church

    Praying with Faith & Purpose

    Spiritual Warfare

    Pray Like the King

    Restoring the Family



Select Seminar Workshops are stand-alone workshops taught by the Teaching Staff of Harvest Prayer Ministries. In planning your prayer seminar day, you may choose to have a number of these self-contained workshops to address the needs of your congregation or group. It is highly recommended, however, to select a focused weekend rather than a mix of topics. The weekend will be much more powerful when everything flows together. The workshops below are more listed for churches who bring a speaker in for just a Sunday afternoon or a shorter one-day event.

Note: These workshops are not taught by every member of the HPM Teaching Staff. The names of those who teach these workshops are noted.


Blessing Your Personal World
Prayer Evangelism is sweeping our country!  This course presents a practical way to pray for your unsaved family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. (Jeff Noel)

Building Prayer into the Life of the Church
An essential course that discusses the essentials steps of becoming a House of Prayer Church.  This course gives close attention to the role of spiritual leaders leading the way in prayer.  This course discusses the work and role of a Prayer Ministry Team in this process. (Dave Butts, Jeff Noel, Jonathan Graf)

Corporate Prayer
We will examine the biblical nature and the tremendous blessings of praying together. (Dave Butts, Jeff Noel, Jeff Coon, Jonathan Graf)

Couples Praying Together- Prayer Partners for Life
Christian marriages have been targeted by the enemy. The single factor that sets Christian marriages apart from secular marriages is prayer.  Strengthen your marriage by learning to tap into the precious intimacy of praying together. (Dave and Kim Butts, Mike and Janet Fleming)

Created to Pray
This seminar deals with basic nature of our creation in the image of God. This nature makes us people who need to pray for both our well being and and to fulfill God's desire in the world. (Kim Butts, Jeff Noel, Jeff Coon)

Creating a Culture of Prayer in Your Family
The home is the foundation of Christian Education for our children. How do we create a culture that teaches our children that prayer is an essential part of their spiritual DNA? This course discusses the spiritual responsibility of our families to create this type of “culture.” (Jeff Noel)

Cultivating Intimacy with God through Prayer
God wants an intimate love relationship with us his children. We were made for that. Prayer is the primary way that we experience intimacy with God. In prayer we can talk to him and “hear” him anytime, anywhere, about anything.  Learn what it means to live in an ongoing growing love relationship with God through prayer. (Alvin VanderGriend)

Doing Battle with the Enemy
God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives.  Satan hates us and has a terrible plan for our lives. By prayer we step into God’s wonderful plan for our lives and we frustrate Satan’s terrible plan. Through prayer we also collaborate with Christ on a wider scale by destroying the works of the devil and building the kingdom of God. (Alvin VanderGriend)

Family Worship
God created us to worship Him and commanded us to pass His Word down to the next generations.  Learn how important the practice of prayer in the context of family worship is in the home, and how it can bring life to the Church. (Kim Butts)

Freshening Up a Stale Prayer Life
Is your prayer life in a rut? Discover exciting ways to bring a breath of fresh air into a stale prayer life. (Dave Butts)

Hearing God's Voice in Prayer
God is a talker. We are listeners. It’s one thing to talk to God.  It’s another thing to “hear” him talk to us. Both are important in prayer. God has “wired” us talk and to listen so that we can live in an ongoing love relationship with him. Learn how to “hear” God’s voice and to know for certain that it is his voice you hear. (Alvin VanderGriend, Jonathan Graf)

History of Prayer: How Jesus Changed Prayer Forever
The prayers of the Old Testament are wonderful models of prayer. But when Jesus came He truly changed everything! (Jeff Coon)

How to be a Powerful and Effective Intercessor
Intercessory prayer is key to God’s way of working in the world.  Learn how to co-labor with God by releasing his power and grace in the lives of those you pray for. (Alvin VanderGriend)

Intercession That Makes a Difference
God is calling us to pray in such a way that lives, churches and nations are forever changed. Learn skills in prayer that can make you a world-changer. (Dave Butts, Jeff Coon)

Intercessory Prayer
We know what it means . . . but do we understand its wonderful implications?  This course explores the most Christ-like action in the world, interceding on behalf of others. (Jeff Noel)

Intimacy with Christ
Drawing near to the Lord in intimacy is the foundation of our prayer life. Learn how to develop practical skills in this vital area of prayer. (Dave Butts)

Keys to Effective Family Prayer
The principles of the Learning to Love to Pray seminar put into the context of the home. Make it reall at home- everyday. (Jeff Coon)

Leadership in a House of Prayer
An essential course that deals with the need for the leadership of the church to lead the way in prayer. Prayer-less leaders equal a prayer-less church. A praying leadership is the beginning to a House of Prayer. (Dave Butts, Jeff Noel, Jeff Coon)

Living for God in the Last Days--God’s Prayer Plan for the Family
Are the walls around your family built up and well defended? Are you praying with and for one another? Are you holding one another accountable to behave like Christ, and confessing sin to one another?  How can we, as individuals and as families be ready to do what God has called us to in the last days? God’s Word has much to say in this regard; however, one specific command may indeed be the key to all of the others: "The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray" (1 Peter 4:7). (Kim Butts)

Listening Prayer
Most prayer lessons deal with the “talking principles” of prayer. This course deals with the listening side of prayer. What it is and what it is not. How do we develop listening skills in our prayer life? Listen and see! (Dave Butts, Jeff Noel)

Prayer as Spiritual Warfare
Serious prayer will always stir up spiritual opposition. Develop the basic skills to deal with the Devil in prayer. (Dave Butts, Jeff Coon)

Prayer Evangelism: Reaching Out by Reaching Up
Prayer evangelism is evangelism in which God does what only he can do when we do what he has called us to do. What God can do is to change people’s hearts.  What we are called to do is to release his power in their lives through prayer. Learn how you can reach out to those around you by reaching up to heaven with your prayers. (Alvin VanderGriend)

Prayer Parties
A fun, experiential seminar for families, Kim will guide you through the process of planning and having a fun, intergenerational prayer party in your home or church that will teach a variety of prayer concepts. (Kim Butts)

Praying the Word of God
Revolutionize your prayer life by praying Scripture and learning the ancient practice of “Lectio Divina”.  When you pray His Word, you will always be in His perfect will. (Kim Butts, Jeff Noel)

Preparing Your Family to Be Used by God
The mystery of God is not for us to know, but wouldn’t it be exciting to follow the Lord wherever He wishes to take you and your family…and to do whatever He wants you to do?  Learn how to prayerfully prepare your family to be ready to respond when the Lord calls upon you. (Kim Butts)

Setting the Captives Free
Learn how to pray for your loved ones who do not know Christ. Effective tools for prayer evangelism. (Dave Butts)

Spirit Empowered Ministry: Power, Passion and the Kingdom of God
This foundational course for church leadership or the whole church discusses the basic issue in becoming a church that is prayer-driven rather than program-driven. It seeks to present the biblical model of how God desires to work through His Holy Spirit in our lives in a powerful way to accomplish His will and bring glory to his name. (Dave Butts, Jeff Noel, Jim Graddy)

Strategic Place of Prayer in World Evangelization
Prayer has moved to the frontline of world evangelization. Discover practical ways to both mobilize prayer, and to pray in such a way that the gospel advances with power and effectiveness. (Dave Butts)

The Heart of a Praying Father
If God is going to restore the hearts of fathers to their children, what should that heart look like? (Jeff Coon)

The Multi-Generational View of Revival--How Restoring the Family Actually Restores the Church
A vision of family-based revival and a biblical picture of how revival has always begun with prayer. (Jeff Coon)

The Praying Family
Learn creative and practical ways to pray together as a family. Explore how to get started and how to maintain a lifestyle of prayer that everyone in the family can participate in from youngest to oldest. (Kim Butts, Jeff Noel)

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