Praying with Faith and Purpose Seminar

This is the main weekend ministry used by Jonathan Graf. While Jon will work with a church to plan whatever type of conference or retreat that church might want, the best results have come from his Praying with Faith and Purpose subject and format. This format works best in a Friday night to Sunday morning format, but can be adapted to start on a Sunday morning or can run with seminars Sunday afternoon and evening or Sunday evening through Tuesday evening. Four core topics are covered:

  • The Keys to an Effective Prayer Life
  • Hindrances to Prayer
  • Kingdom Praying
  • The Power of Praying Together

If more seminar slots are in the schedule, topics are chosen from (not an exhaustive list of topics):

  • The Power of Praying Scripture    
  • The Power of Praise
  • Persevering Prayer
  • Praying for Your Pastor
  • Fasting and Prayer
  • The Prayer Life of Jesus
  • Prayer Evangelism
  • The Prayer Driven Church (a session for church leaders)
  • Developing a Prayer Strategy for Your Church (a session for church leaders)

Jon also is gifted in leading concerts of prayer and dynamic prayer meetings. Many churches have a concert of prayer on Saturday or Sunday evening.


 Jonathan Graf

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