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Welcome to Prayer University. Here you will find digital courses (videos and webinars) on prayer and revival that will equip and challenge you and your friends to go deeper into prayer and to pray more effectively. We encourage you to check us out regularly as we will continue to add new courses.

Currently we only offer 5 courses, but more will be added regularly. We encourage you to register so you can stay informed of any new offerings. Eventually there will be both video courses and webinars under three separate tracks: Personal Prayer, Roadmap to a Praying Church and Revival. For now, you purchase each course individually, and view it at your own pace online.

While the video aspects of the courses must be viewed while online, if you are a church leader, you are free to show the course to your small group or class. You just have to go to PrayerU to do so.


Courses Offered:

(Click on each course for more information or to purchase access to the course)


Personal Prayer

The Basics of Prayer, Teacher: Jonathan Graf

Love to Pray, Teacher: Dr. Alvin VanderGriend and Others

Boldness in Prayer, Teacher: Dr. David Butts


Prayer in the Church

Leadership for a Praying Church, Teacher: Dr. David Butts



How to Pray for Revival, Teacher: Dr. David Butts


Note: Once you purchase a course you will be taken to the actual landing site That is the url you will continually go back to in order to view the videos.

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