Teaching Staff

Our experienced teaching staff includes:

  • 5 published authors with 17 books on prayer between them
  • More than 100 years of experience pastoring in local churches
  • Chairman of America's National Prayer Committee
  • Director of OneCry's Intercessors emphasis
  • Founding editor of Pray! Magazine
  • Co-founder of the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network

Every week our teachers are teaching, preaching and consulting in churches across North America. This ongoing experience with the local church keeps us at the forefront of helping churches become Houses of Prayer. HPM staff members are also available for pulpit supply.

Click on a specific teacher for information. Our primary teachers are listed first, and then they are listed alphabetically.

Dave Butts
Jonathan Graf
Richard LaFountain
Kim Butts
Jeff Coon
Carol Madison
Alvin VanderGriend

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