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Carol Madison describes herself very simply: I write; I edit. I drink coffee. I pray. I love my “work shoes” (sometimes called slippers).

Carol has a strong background in both publishing and the ministry of prayer, using her writing, editing, and speaking gifts to encourage others toward greater prayer and hope for revival. She has her own editorial business called Just Carol Editorial Resources.

She recently helped launch a new magazine called Prayer Connect, serving as its first editor.  She is also the content provider for a new Facebook application called Praybook ( With the tagline: “Lifting up the world . . . one friend at a time,” Praybook is designed to help Facebook users systematically pray through their friend lists. Already thousands of people have been lifted before God in prayer – hopefully the start of a worldwide prayer movement!

In addition, Carol serves as part-time communications director for Prayer First, the denominational prayer ministry of Converge Worldwide. She also gives time to the leadership team of the Global Day of Prayer Minnesota, an effort to unify the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) in extraordinary prayer for spiritual awakening.

Some of Carol’s Past

Carol graduated from Bethel University, St. Paul, MN, with a degree in Communications. She was the editor of The Evangelical Beacon magazine (the denominational magazine of the Evangelical Free Church), as well as the editor and publisher of Adventure Club (a children’s club curriculum). She also enjoyed serving as the founding editor of Pursuit Magazine, an evangelistic magazine designed as an outreach tool for the unchurched. During her time as editor of both magazines, she was elected to the national board of directors of the Evangelical Press Association.

She left magazine publishing to accept a position as an adult ministries director in a church, and then ministered as the associate director of Prayer Transformation Ministries for eight years.  During her time there, she co-wrote and edited several prayer guides. In 2008, Carol launched her own editorial business.

In addition to her editorial work, Carol speaks frequently on the topics of prayer and revival. She helps lead the prayer ministry at Hillside Church in Bloomington, MN.

With Carol, it’s all things prayer . . . and the hope for revival!

Seminar Topics

Are You Willing to Contend for It?

There are those moments in life when urgency arises in your soul and you feel moved to pray with greater fervency and sacrifice. It may be out desperation over a personal situation or on behalf of another. This can be described as contending prayer.  But what does it mean to contend in prayer? This message is based on a contending moment in my own life when God taught me to pray in new ways. God put a call on my life for prayer for revival and transformation – and in the midst He gave me a story that is both humorous and inspiring. These “contending” principles can be applied to any life situation.

Come and See: Prayer for Revival and Transformation
In Psalm 66:5, the invitation is to “Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works on man's behalf!” God is doing wonderful works of transformation around the world, and in 2004 I took a vision trip to Almolonga, Guatemala, to experience a community of 19,000 people that has been completely transformed through the power of prayer. Where there were once 30-plus bars, there are now 30 churches. Policemen no longer carry guns—only whistles. And according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, God has also done a miraculous healing of the land. The people of Almolonga now grow vegetables of biblical proportions! This presentation will cast a vision for how prayer can transform entire communities for the glory of God.

Contending in Prayer for Spiritual Awakening
It has been said that in drastic days, we should pray great things! Some of the greatest prayers throughout history have been prayed at the most drastic of times—and God has responded powerfully. Our nation is perhaps 150 years overdue for revival and spiritual awakening that saturates our nation and transforms communities. This messages addresses the history of revivals (especially the example of the Hebrides revival of 1949-52), the biblical condition for revival (2 Chronicles 7:14), and the hope of revival even in our day. You will be encouraged to walk in more humble and repentant prayer, seeking God for the coming revival!

A Lifestyle of Prayer
This message touches on some key principles of effective intercession, including intimacy with the Lord, expressing gratitude, delays and hindrances in prayer, and praying in agreement with the Holy Spirit and the greatest Intercessor Jesus Christ. Learn to pray according to biblical principles in a lifestyle that is in agreement with God’s Kingdom purposes.

Blessing Prayer
“Prayers of blessings are usually expressions of God’s intended goodness prayed by ordinary people who pray in the power of having their hearts aligned with God’s heart. Blessings bestow a future. Prayers of blessings are always prayers of hope!”  (Steve Hawthorne, Blessings: Ways to Pray in Hope). This session will teach you to pray blessing prayers over people that offer hope and healing.

Informed Intercession for Community Transformation
Learn to pray effectively for your community by understanding both the historical roots and the current spiritual realities. By researching our communities, we can assess the true needs and pray more strategically. This session can also include practical prayer walking experiences.

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